What Is Coaching?

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Coaching is Confidential

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Coaching is Facilitative

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Coaching is Collaborative

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Coaching is Growth-Minded

Unless there is a safety issue, coaching correspondence will never be shared with anyone. Coaching is here for you and your students. No one else.

The goal of coaching is to break down the barriers you face in your practice without giving you more work to do. Coaching will not eat up entire prep periods if you don’t want it to, and the coaching cycle has a finite timespan.

Coaching is not consulting. Coaching is not evaluation. Your coach will not come into your classroom and tell you how to do your job or list all the things you’re “doing wrong”. In coaching, problem solving is a shared responsibility.

Not one of us needs “fixing”. We are all exactly where we’re supposed to be right now.

What Does an Instructional Coach Do?

Even though it is difficult to find time to meet with colleagues during daily prep periods, I am so glad I carved out the time to work with Danielle. She shared great ideas, several of which I was able to use either immediately or with slight customization. In fact, it is actually SAVING me time this year. Even more, the student self-assessment tools we ended up with really enhanced not only student accountability and engagement, but also led to more authentic grades.


Each step in the coaching cycle is customized to meet your needs.

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